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Buy the book on Amazon

More than a decade ago, Dr David Hesselgave wrote Paradigms in Conflict to highlight his concerns about missiologicla drifts. This new edition builds on his work and addresses concerns that have arisen since the first edition.

It was my honor to contribute 3 chapters to this book as a way of paying respect to a missiological giant.

Bondage & Freedom

(Released June 2018)

Are you obsessed with pornography? Is porn having a negative affect on your relationship with yourself, with others, or with God? Have you tried to quit, but can’t? Do you feel consumed with guilt or shame about your fantasies?

If pornography seems like a trap for you, or someone you care about, Bondage and Freedom can help. This booklet is designed to provide some knowledge about the negative effects of pornography and porn usage. The book also explains why it is so hard to quit and then gives some simple steps toward freedom. 

This book is a conversation between friends. No shame. No judgement. Just a listening ear and wise counsel.

If you're a pastor or church staff member in need of this resource click here.

Buy the book at    B&H    or on    Amazon

Buy the book at B&H or on Amazon

Buy the book on    Amazon

Buy the book on Amazon


Together On God's Mission

(Released January 2018)

Together on God’s Mission investigates Southern Baptist history, showing how and why the Southern Baptist Convention came to embrace the vision of a cooperative denomination. It also explores how this vision has shaped denominational identity and structure. This historical study is followed by a discussion of the biblical description of how the mission of God determines the mission of the church. This study shows that God’s mission is not simply furthered by churches working together, but rather that cooperation between churches makes up a key component of God’s mission. Finally, the study concludes that the Southern Baptist Convention is uniquely positioned to enable churches to fully participate in God’s mission to redeem the nations and restore creation from the effects of the Fall.