Diversity of Gender and Race on the Mission Field

Who is on the mission field? Some of the buzz topics in mission circles range from numbers to race to gender. In this podcast by Southeastern’s Kingdom Diversity these issues are discussed. This conversation between Scott Hildreth, Director of the Center for Great Commission Studies, and Walter Strickland, Special Adviser to the President for Diversity, speaks about the importance of responding to the call that God directs you to, regardless of gender or ethnicity.

In this conversation Strickland asks Hildreth’s opinion on several issues regarding diversity on the international mission field. He addresses the lack of men stepping up to the call compared to women, while giving practical assessments on why he thinks they are not being obedient to their callings. In the later part of the interview we hear Strickland and Hildreth lay out the practical and theological problems concerning the lack of multi-ethnic missionary teams. Take a few minutes of your day and listen to this podcast, you won’t regret spending time focusing on these hot topic subjects.

Listen to the whole podcast at Kingdom Diversity.