have used these verses as business and personal management. This post considers the ant in relationship to the spiritual discipline of personal evangelism. Last week, I gave some simple solutions to common problems with personal evangelism. You can see that post by clicking here.

Today - let’s consider the ant!

Go to the ant, you slacker!

Observe its ways and become wise.

Without leader, administrator, or ruler,

it prepares its provisions in summer;

it gathers its food during harvest.

How long will you stay in bed, you slacker?

When will you get up from your sleep?

A little sleep, a little slumber,

a little folding of the arms to rest,

and your poverty will come like a robber,

your need, like a bandit.

(Proverbs 6:6—11 HCSB)

1. The Ant is a Self-Initiator -

Apparently, the ant doesn’t wake up in the morning and wait to be told what to do. He knows what to do and does necessary tasks.

Many, only engage in personal evangelism when we feel guilty or when someone else plans the event or the mission trip.  This is not the pathway to success. Every successful personal evangelist I know makes a personal choice to be one. They do not wait for someone else to lead them. Most of us know we should share our faith more - what we lack is the self-discipline to do it – Consider the Ant!

2. The Ant Knows that There is an Important Day Coming -

The ant’s motivation is the internal conviction that what he does today is essential for survival later.

This is more true for evangelism. A day is coming, and no one knows the exact time, when a relationship with Jesus will make all the difference. Of course, I am thinking about the day a person dies or gives an account for before the throne of God for their life. (BTY - take some time a listen to this sermon from SEBTS chapel. It is a powerful reminder of the importance of this coming day.)

However, there are other important days coming. A relationship with Jesus will make a difference on the day a parent give answers to a questioning teenager. A personal relationship with God will give peace on the day we face heartbreak or personal tragedy. We don’t always know when, but we know an important day is coming  – Consider the Ant!

Here is a quick acrostic that can help us be ANTs in our Evangelism

A-ctive without being told

N-ow focused

T-houghtful about the Future.

Our prayer is that God will use you to make a difference